Great Plays Gang

At AboutFACE, we believe in the power and importance of brilliantly written plays. As such, we think it’s important for actors to get the chance to play and work on large-scale, ambitious scripts, and so we set up THE GREAT PLAYS GANG.

Once a month, we host an opportunity for actors to get together in an informal, cosy setting in Dublin’s city centre, and over drinks, perform in a table reading of a large-cast, masterwork play.

Are you an actor who’d like to get to know us? Or who’d like a chance to get your teeth into one of the great plays? Then sign up for The Great Plays Gang and come play with us!

How It Works

On the night, we cast the play by “drafting” roles – each actor picks a card from a pack of 52, with the holder of the highest card getting first choice of what role to read that night – and all roles are free to be chosen regardless of gender, age or type.

There’s no charge to be part of it or attend.

At 7.30pm we draft roles and start the reading

And non-performers are also very welcome to attend and listen to the reading.

We’ll be announcing the Great Plays Gang each month via email and social media, so make sure to sign up for mailing list and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ll hope you’ll come join THE GREAT PLAYS GANG!

Our NEXT Great Plays Gang will be held:

Mon 4th May
& Thu 7th May

Due to COVID-19, we will be doing our Great Plays Gang via online group video. When you RSVP, we’ll provide the link.

Actors who RSVP are expected:

  • to get their own copy of the play, read it at least once before the reading, and bring a copy with them (hard copy or electronic).
  • to arrive on time for the role draft (if late, they forfeit their place on the list).
  • to be attentive and engaged for the whole reading.
  • to buy their own food and drinks (preferably purchased at the bar!)
  • We will look to read:

    • A great, well-established play with at least 10 roles in it.
    • For now: no well-known Irish plays (e.g. no McPherson, Carr, Friel) or classical texts (e.g. no Shakespeare) (These limitations may change later).
    • AboutFACE will choose which plays are read each month, but are happily open to suggestions!
    Sign Up!
    If you are an actor interested in taking part in the next GPG, please email with RSVP GPG in the Subject, and we’ll put you down on the RSVP list for the night, and let you know what play we’ll be reading!